Grand Prix Stockholm 2018

14th - 16th September 2018
Format: Modern

Link Player Player Deck Deck
Twitch1 White-Blue Control Kuldotha Red
Twitch1b White-Blue Control White-Blue Control
Twitch2 8-Rack Elves
Twitch2b Temur Moon Titan Shift
Twitch2c Humans White-Blue Tron
Twitch3 Bogles Hardened Scales
Twitch3b Humans White-Blue Control
Twitch4 White-Blue Control Blue-Red Ascension
Twitch4b Spirits Abzan
Twitch5 Bridge Vine Abzan
Twitch5b White-Blue Control Storm
Twitch6 Bant Spirits Ironworks Combo
Twitch6b White-Blue Control Grixis Death's Shadow
Twitch7 Humans Devoted Evolution
Twitch7b Grixis Death's Shadow Bridge Vine
Twitch7c Infect Jund
Twitch8 Storm Hardened Scales
Twitch9 Bant Spirits White-Blue Control
Twitch9b Jeskai Ascendancy White-Blue Control
Twitch10 White-Blue Control White-Blue Control
Twitch10b Blue-Black Mill Bant Spirits
Twitch10c White-Blue Control White-Blue Control
Twitch10d Blue-Black Mill Bant Spirits
Twitch10e White-Blue Control White-Blue Control
Twitch11 Mono-White Martyr Blue-Red Wizards
Twitch11b White-Blue Control Hardened Scales
Twitch11c White-Blue Control White-Blue Control
Twitch12 Hardened Scales Bridge Vine
Twitch12b Jeskai Tempo White-Blue Control
Twitch12c Jeskai Control Infect
Twitch13 Bant Spirits White-Blue Control
Twitch13b White-Blue Control Storm
Twitch13c White-Blue Control Grishoalbrand
Twitch14 White-Blue Control White-Blue Control
Twitch14b Mono-White Martyr Bridge Vine
Twitch15 White-Blue Control Devoted Company
Twitch15b Jeskai Control White-Blue Control
TwitchQuarterfinals (Part 1) Bant Spirits White-Blue Control
TwitchQuarterfinals (Part 2) Mono-White Martyr Bant Spirits
TwitchQuarterfinals (Part 3) Jeskai Control Storm
TwitchSemifinals (Part 1) Bant Spirits Bant Spirits
TwitchSemifinals (Part 2) Jeskai Control White-Blue Control
TwitchFinals Bant Spirits White-Blue Control

Starcitygames Open Series: Syracuse

14th - 16th September 2018
Format: Modern

Grand Prix Detroit 2018

8th - 9th September 2018
Format: Modern

Link Player Player Deck Deck
TwitchRound 1 Kiki-Chord-Jund-Bant Spirits Humans-Jeskai Control-Mono-Green Tron
TwitchRound 1b Mono-Green Tron-Living End-Burn Burn-Elves-Mono-Green Tron
TwitchRound 2 Mono-Green Tron-Storm-Abzan Mono-Green Tron-Jeskai Control-Abzan
TwitchRound 2b White-Blue Control-Hardened Scales-Humans Unknown-Unknown-As Foretold
TwitchRound 3 White-Blue Control-Hollow One-Mono-Green Tron Humans-Affinity-Mono-Green Tron
TwitchRound 3b White-Blue Control-Humans-Unknown Humans-Ironworks Combo-White-Unknown
TwitchRound 4 Bant Spirits-Hardened Scales-Hollow One White-Blue Control-Hardened Scales-Humans
TwitchRound 4b White-Blue Control-Hollow One-Mono-Green Tron Hardened Scales-White-Blue Control-Humans
TwitchRound 5 Humans-Jeskai Control-Mono-Green Tron Bant Spirits-Hardened Scales-Hollow One
TwitchRound 5b Jeskai Control-Mono-Green Tron-Hollow One Hardened Scales-Humans-Jeskai Control
TwitchRound 6 Jeskai Control-Mono-Green Tron-Hollow One Humans-Ironworks Combo-White-Blue Control
TwitchRound 6b Humans-Jeskai Control-Mono-Green Tron White-Blue Control-Hollow One-Mono-Green Tron
TwitchRound 7 Ironworks Combo-Jeskai Control-Humans Hardened Scales-White-Blue Control-Humans
TwitchRound 7b White-Blue Control-Ironworks Combo- Jeskai Control-Ironworks Combo-Humans
TwitchRound 8 Jeskai Control-Ironworks Combo-Humans Mono-Green Tron-Storm-Abzan
TwitchRound 9 Ironworks Combo-Storm-Eldrazi&Taxes Mono-Green Tron-4C Death's Shadow-Bogles
TwitchRound 9b Ironworks Combo-Jeskai Control-Humans Humans-Ironworks Combo-White-Blue Control
TwitchRound 10 Mono-Green Tron-Storm-Abzan Storm-Infect-Ironworks Combo
TwitchRound 10b Humans-Ironworks Combo-White-Blue Control Bant Spirits-Hardened Scales-Hollow One
TwitchRound 11 Hardened Scales-Humans-White-Blue Control White-Blue Control-Hollow One-Mono-Green Tron
TwitchRound 12 Ironworks Combo-Storm-Eldrazi&Taxes Bant Spirits-Hardened Scales-Hollow One
TwitchRound 12b Hardened Scales-Humans-Jeskai Control White-Blue Control-Humans-Storm
TwitchRound 13 Humans-Ironworks Combo-White-Blue Control Humans-Mono-Green Tron-Jeskai Control
TwitchRound 13b Mono-Green Tron-White-Blue Control-Humans Hardened Scales-Humans-Jeskai Control
TwitchRound 14 Humans-Titan Shift-White-Blue Control White-Blue Control-Mardu Pyromancer-Infect
TwitchRound 14b White-Blue Control-Bridge Vine-Humans Mono-Green Tron-White-Blue Control-Humans
TwitchSemifinals (Part 1) Humans-Titan Shift-White-Blue Control Bant Spirits-Hardened Scales-Hollow One
TwitchSemifinals (Part 2) White-Blue Control-Mardu Humans-Mono-Green Tron-Jeskai Control
TwitchFinals Humans-Mono-Green Tron-Jeskai Control Bant Spirits-Hardened Scales-Hollow One

Starcitygames Open Series: Atlanta

22nd - 23rd July 2017
Format: Mixed

Link Format Player Player Deck Deck
TwitchRound 1 Sultai Control-Grixis Shadow-4 Color Control Death & Taxes-Abzan-5 Color Planeswalkers
TwitchRound 2 Lands-GW Company-Mono-Red Aggro Infect-Lantern Control-WU Monument
TwitchRound 3 Grixis Delver-Eldrazi Tron-Mono-Red Aggro Grixis Delver-Jeskai Control-Esper Aggro
TwitchRound 4 Grixis Tezzeret-GB Midrange-Mono-Red Aggro Elves-Lantern Control-Temur Delirium
TwitchRound 5 Lands-Eldrazi Tron-UR Eldrazi Mono-Red Sneak Attack-UW Control-UR Control
TwitchRound 6 Lands-GW Company-Mono-Red Aggro Grixis Delver-Burn-Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 7 Mono-Red Prison-Naya Company-WU Monument Storm-Abzan-Temur Energy
TwitchRound 8 Bomberman-Counters Company-GR Ramp Death & Taxes-Grixis Shadow-Mono-Red Aggro
TwitchRound 9 Storm-Abzan-Temur Energy Grixis Delver-Jeskai Control-Esper Aggro
TwitchRound 10 Lands-Grixis Shadow-Mono-Red Aggro Lands-GW Company-Mono-Red Aggro
TwitchRound 11 Sneak & Show-Burn-GR Ramp Grixis Delver-Jeskai Control-Esper Aggro
TwitchRound 12 Lands-GW Company-Mono-Red Aggro UR Delver-Elves-UR Control
TwitchRound 13 Lands-Grixis Shadow-Mono-Red Aggro Depths Reanimator-Affinity-Mono-Black Zombies
TwitchRound 14 Jeskai Stoneblade-Grixis Shadow-Mono-Red Aggro Colorless Eldrazi-Dredge-WU Monument
TwitchRound 15 Depths Reanimator-Affinity-Mono-Black Zombies Lands-Grixis Shadow-Four-Color Emerge
TwitchQuarterfinals Lands-GW company-Mono-Red Aggro Lands-Grixis Shadow-Four-Color Emerge
TwitchSemifinals Lands-GW Company-Mono-Red Aggro Sneak & Show-Burn-GR Ramp
TwitchFinals Lands-GW Company-Mono-Red Aggro Lands-Grixis Shadow-Mono-Red Aggro

Starcitygames Open Series: Cincinnati

15th - 16th July 2017
Format: Standard

Grand Prix Las Vegas 2017 — Modern

17th - 17th June 2017
Format: Modern

Grand Prix Las Vegas 2017 — Legacy

15th - 16th June 2017
Format: Legacy

Starcitygames Open Series: Charlotte

10th - 11th June 2017
Format: Modern

Grand Prix Amsterdam 2017

3rd - 4th June 2017
Format: Standard

Grand Prix Omaha 2017

3rd - 4th June 2017
Format: Standard

Starcitygames Open Series: Baltimore

27th - 28th May 2017
Format: Modern

Grand Prix Copenhagen 2017

27th - 28th May 2017
Format: Modern

Link Player Player Deck Deck
TwitchRound 1 Living End Elves
TwitchRound 1b Humans GB Tron
TwitchRound 2 Bant Eldrazi Bant Humans
TwitchRound 2b Merfolk Living End
TwitchRound 2c Grixis Death’s Shadow UR Storm
TwitchRound 3 Kiki-Chord Living End
TwitchRound 3b Abzan Dredge
TwitchRound 3c Breach Scapeshift Eldrazi Tron
TwitchRound 4 Fate Foretold Jund Death’s Shadow
TwitchRound 4b Counters Company Death’s Shadow
TwitchRound 5 Jund Death’s Shadow Jund Death’s Shadow
TwitchRound 5b 5 Color Death’s Shadow UB Faeries
TwitchRound 6 Naya Company As Foretold
TwitchRound 6b Grixis Faeries 5 Color Death’s Shadow
TwitchRound 7 Elves Dredge
TwitchRound 7b Bant Company Goryo’s Esper
TwitchRound 7c Counters Company Eldrazi Tron
TwitchRound 8 Abzan Death’s Shadow Jund Death’s Shadow
TwitchRound 8b Humans UW Control
TwitchRound 8c Burn Grixis Death’s Shadow
TwitchRound 9 Burn Collected Counters
TwitchRound 9b Dredge Dredge
TwitchRound 9c Living End Grixis Death’s Shadow
TwitchRound 10 Burn As Foretold
TwitchRound 10b Living End Jund Death’s Shadow
TwitchRound 10c Collected Counters Dredge
TwitchRound 11 Spirits Dredge
TwitchRound 11b Eldrazi Tron Titan Shift
TwitchRound 12 Lantern Control Burn
TwitchRound 12b Jeskai Copycat Affinity
TwitchRound 13 Dredge Grixis Death’s Shadow
TwitchRound 13b 5 Color Death’s Shadow Counters Company
TwitchRound 13c Jund Death’s Shadow Eldrazi Tron
TwitchRound 14 Counters Company Madcap Experiment
TwitchRound 14b Jund Death’s Shadow UR Storm
TwitchRound 14c Jeskai Copycat Death’s Shadow Zoo
TwitchRound 15 Elves UR Storm
TwitchRound 15b Dredge Burn
TwitchQuarterfinal A Titan Shift UR Storm
TwitchQuarterfinal B Dredge Living End
TwitchQuarterfinal C Grixis Death’s Shadow Death’s Shadow Zoo
TwitchSemifinal A Grixis Death’s Shadow UR Storm
TwitchSemifinal B Lantern Control Living End
TwitchFinals Grixis Death’s Shadow Living End

Grand Prix Montreal 2017

20th - 21st May 2017
Format: Standard

Link Player Player Deck Deck
TwitchRound 1 Temur Marvel Sultai Marvel
TwitchRound 1b Bant Aggro Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 1 c BG Constrictor Sultai Delerium
TwitchRound 2 UR Control WB Zombies
TwitchRound 2b 4 Color Marvel UR Control
TwitchRound 2c 5 Color Bring to Light Abzan Constrictor
TwitchRound 3 Monoblack Zombies UB Control
TwitchRound 3b Temur Marvel Temur Energy
TwitchRound 4 Temur Marvel UR Control
TwitchRound 4b UR Control 5 Color Bring to Light
TwitchRound 5 Temur Marvel BG Constrictor
TwitchRound 5b Temur Marvel Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 5c Temur Marvel UW Vehicles
TwitchRound 6 Monoblack Zombies Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 6b Temur Marvel Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 6c Temur Marvel UW Vehicles
TwitchRound 7 Temur Marvel 4 Color Marvel
TwitchRound 7b Temur Marvel UB Control
TwitchRound 7c UR Control UW Aggro
TwitchRound 8 BG Constrictor UR Control
TwitchRound 8b Temur Marvel Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 8c Temur Marvel Sultai Marvel
TwitchRound 8d Mardu Control Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 9 Temur Marvel BG Constrictor
TwitchRound 9b UR Control Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 9c Temur Marvel Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 10 BG Constrictor Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 10b Temur Marvel Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 11 Temur Marvel UW Tempo
TwitchRound 11b Temur Marvel Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 12 BR Control Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 12b Temur Marvel UR Control
TwitchRound 12c Mardu Vehicles Monoblack Zombies
TwitchRound 13 BG Constrictor Monoblack Zombies
TwitchRound 13b Temur Marvel BG Aggro
TwitchRound 13c BR Control UR Control
TwitchRound 14 Mardu Vehicles Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 14b Temur Marvel Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 14c Mardu Vehicles Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 15 Temur Marvel Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 15b Temur Marvel Temur Marvel
TwitchQuarterfinals BG Constrictor UR Control
TwitchQuarterfinals 2 Temur Marvel Mardu Vehicles
TwitchSemifinals Mardu Vehicles Temur Marvel
TwitchSemifinals 2 Temur Marvel Temur Marvel
TwitchFinals Temur Marvel Temur Marvel

Starcitygames Open Series: Louisville

20th - 21st May 2017
Format: Team Constructed

Pro Tour Amonkhet

12th - 14th May 2017
Format: Mixed