Grand Prix Porto Alegre 2017

18th - 19th March 2017
Format: Standard

Grand Prix New Jersey 2017

11th - 12th March 2017
Format: Standard

Granx Prix Barcelona 2017

11th - 12th March 2017
Format: Standard

Link Player Player Deck Deck
TwitchRound 1a Mardu Vehicles BR Aggro
TwitchRound 1b Four Color Copycat Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 2a BG Constrictor BG Constrictor
TwitchRound 3a Temur Marvel BR Colorless Aggro
TwitchRound 3b Mardu Vehicles UR Tower
TwitchRound 4a UB Colossus Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 4b Temur Tower Mardu Ballista
TwitchRound 4c Mardu Vehicles Four Color Copycat
TwitchRound 6a Temur Marvel Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 6b Mardu Vehicles Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 6c Four Color Copycat Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 7a BR Aggro Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 7b Mardu Ballista Four Color Copycat
TwitchRound 8a Mardu Ballista Temur Tower
TwitchRound 8b Mardu Ballista Temur Tower
TwitchRound 9 Temur Energy Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 9b Four Color Copycat Four Color Copycat
TwitchRound 10a Temur Tower Mardu Ballista
TwitchRound 10b Mardu Ballista Mardu Ballista
TwitchRound 10c Mardu Ballista Four Color Copycat
TwitchRound 11a Mardu Ballista BR Eldrazi
TwitchRound 11b BG Constrictor BR Eldrazi
TwitchRound 12a Four Color Copycat Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 12b Four Color Copycat Mardu Ballista
TwitchRound 13a Temur Marvel Four Color Copycat
TwitchRound 13b Mardu Ballista Mardu Ballista
TwitchRound 13c Mardu Ballista Four Color Copycat
TwitchRound 14a Mardu Ballista BG Constrictor
TwitchRound 14b Mardu Ballista Mardu Ballista
TwitchRound 14c Four Color Copycat Mardu Ballista
TwitchRound 15a Four Color Copycat Mardu Ballista
TwitchRound 15b Temur Marvel Mardu Ballista
TwitchQuarterfinals 1 Mardu Ballista Four Color Copycat
TwitchQuarterfinal 2 Four Color Copycat Mardu Ballista
TwitchSemifinals 1 Mardu Ballista Four Color Copycat
TwitchSemifinal 2 Mardu Ballista Four Color Copycat
TwitchFinal Mardu Ballista Four Color Copycat

Starcitygames Open Series: Dallas

11th - 12th March 2017
Format: Modern

2016 Magic Online Championship

4th - 5th March 2017
Format: Mixed

Grand Prix Utrecht 2017

24th - 26th February 2017
Format: Standard

Link Player Player Deck Deck
TwitchRound 1a UB Colossal Storm BG Constrictor
TwitchRound 1b BG Constrictor Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 1c BG Constrictor Four Color Copycat
TwitchRound 2a Paradox Engine Storm UW Spirits
TwitchRound 3a Temur Energy Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 3b Four Color Copycat BG Constrictor
TwitchRound 4a Mardu Vehicles Temur Tower
TwitchRound 4c Mardu Vehicles Metalwork Colossus
TwitchRound 5a BG Constrictor Temur Tower
TwitchRound 5b Mardu Vehicles Temur Marvel
TwitchRound 6a UR Tower Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 6b Mardu Vehicles Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 6c Temur Energy Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 6d BG Delerium Turbo Fog
TwitchRound 7a Mardu Vehicles Abzan Stockpile
TwitchRound 7b Mardu Vehicles UB Paradox Engine
TwitchRound 7c Jeskai Saheeli BG Constrictor
TwitchRound 7d Four Color Copycat UR Tower
TwitchRound 8a Paradox Engine Storm Four Color Copycat
TwitchRound 8b Four Color Tower Mardu Ballista
TwitchRound 8c Jund Delerium Marvel Improvise
TwitchRound 9a Mardu Vehicles Jund Aggro
TwitchRound 9b Mardu Vehicles Temur Energy
TwitchRound 10a Dutch Saheeli Combo Mardu Ballista
TwitchRound 10b Jund Aggro Temur Tower
TwitchRound 11a Mardu Vehicles Marvel Invention
TwitchRound 11b Jund Aggro Mardu Ballista
TwitchRound 12a BG Constrictor Temur Tower
TwitchRound 12b Jeskai Sahili Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 13a Sultai Control Four Color Tower
TwitchRound 13b Four Color Copycat Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 13c Mardu Ballista Turbo Fog
TwitchRound 14a Mardu Vehicles Mardu Ballista
TwitchRound 14b Mardu Vehicles Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 15a BG Constrictor BG Constrictor
TwitchRound 15b Mardu Vehicles Mardu Vehicles
TwitchRound 15c Mardu Ballista Mardu Vehicles
TwitchQuarterfinals 1 Mardu Ballista Four Color Copycat
TwitchQuarterfinals 2 Mardu Vehicles BG Constrictor
TwitchQuarterfinals 3 Mardu Ballista BG Constrictor
TwitchSemifinals 1 Mardu Ballista BG Constrictor
TwitchSemifinals 2 Mardu Ballista Mardu Ballista
TwitchFinals Mardu Ballista Mardu Ballista

Starcitygames Open Series: Indianapolis

25th - 26th February 2017
Format: Modern

Grand Prix Vancouver 2017

17th - 19th February 2017
Format: Modern

Starcitygames Team Series: Baltimore

18th - 19th February 2017
Format: Mixed

Link Format Player Player Deck Deck
YoutubeRound 1 Burn-Abzan-Four Color Marvel Merfolk-Abzan Counters-Grixis Improvise
YoutubeRound 2 Reanimator-Goryo’s Vengeance-Four Color Marvel Miracles-Kiki Chord-GB Aggro
YoutubeRound 3 Death and Taxes-Abzan-Bant Marvel Sultai Control-Death’s Shadow-BG Delerium
YoutubeRound 4 Miracles-Kiki Chord-GB Aggro Infect-Esper Expertise-GB Aggro
YoutubeRound 5 Storm-GW Hexproof-Four Color Copycat Sultai Control-Grixis Control-GW Tokens
YoutubeRound 6 Miracles-Eldrazi Tron-Four Color Copycat Sultai Delver-Eldrazi Tron-GB Aggro
YoutubeRound 7 Lands-Scapeshift-Esper Control Punishing Abzan-WB Tokens-GB Aggro
YoutubeRound 8 Four Color Control-UR Gifts Storm-GB Aggro Sultai Delver-Aldrazi Tron-GB Aggro
YoutubeRound 9 Sneak and Show-Death’s Shadow-BG Eldrazi UR Delver-Burn-GB Aggro
YoutubeRound 10 Sultai Control-Death’s Shadow-BG Delerium Miracles-Bant Eldrazi-Mardu Vehicles
YoutubeRound 11 Sultai Control-Death’s Shadow-BG Delerium Colorless Eldrazi-Abzan-Four Color Copycat
YoutubeRound 12 Miracles-Eldrazi Tron-Four Color Copycat Burn-Abzan-Four Color Marvel
YoutubeRound 13 Miracles-Grixis Control-GB Aggro Sultai Delver-Burn-Four Color Copycat
YoutubeRound 14 Lands-Scapeshift-Esper Control Colorless Eldrazi-Abzan-Four Color Copycat
YoutubeRound 15 Miracles-Grixis Control-Mardu Vehicles Sultai Delver-Burn-Four Color Copycat
YoutubeSemifinals A Sultai Control-Death’s Shadow-BG Delerium Food Chain-Affinity-Mardu Vehicles
YoutubeSemifinals B Grixis Delver-Naya Company-Four Color Copycat Miracles-Grixis Control-Mardu Vehicles
YoutubeFinals Sultai Control-Death’s Shadow-BG Delerium Miracles-Grixis Control-Mardu Vehicles

Grand Prix Pittsburgh 2017

10th - 12th February 2017
Format: Standard

Pro Tour Aether Revolt

3rd - 5th February 2017
Format: Mixed

Starcitygames Open Series: Richmond

28th - 29th January 2017
Format: Standard

Starcitygames Open Series: Columbus

21st - 22nd January 2017
Format: Standard Players' Championship 2016

17th - 18th December 2016
Format: Mixed

Starcitygames Invitational: Atlanta

2nd - 4th December 2016
Format: Mixed